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Traveller Health Statistics

The life expectancy for Traveller women in 1987 was 65.3 years, 11.9 years less than settled women.  In 2008, ten years on, there is little change, with Traveller women having a life expectancy of 70.1, 11.1 years less than women from the majority population.

The statistics pertaining to male Traveller life expectancy are very worrying, with an increase from the 1987 figure of 61.7 years, 9.9 less than the general population, to 61.7 years, a shocking 15.1 years less than men from within the majority community.   (All Ireland Traveller Health Study)


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  1. Mark Sheehan says:

    Hi i’m a second year counselling and psychotherapy student doing a project on cultural issues in counselling. I have chosen to study counselling in the travelling community for this project. i would love to see how this service is progressing and what hopes you have for this service progressing in the next few years any help would be greatly appreciated.

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