"I feel better in myself
after talking to the counsellor"

National Traveller Mental Health Network

The National Traveller Mental Health Network was established in 2018 and offically launched in 2019. The N.T.M.H.N   is a collective of Travellers and Traveller Organisations across Ireland whose goal is to develop a collective space that is Traveller led, where local, regional and national Traveller mental health issues are highlighted, discussed and addressed. A space where solutions are explored with a view to being included in culturally appropriate policy on Traveller mental health.

Please see link to the Networks Strategic Plan

National Traveller Mental Health Network Strategic Plan

To get more information or find out how you can get involved please contact n.travmhnetwork@gmail.com or Phone 0851253211

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  • Mental Health Training

    Participants can log into the training page here.

    For more information please contact us.

  • Conference 2019

    In April 2019 The Traveller Counselling Service in conjuction with the Traveller Mediation Service and Exchange House Ireland ran a Conference exploring The Impact Of Inter-family Conflict on Traveller Mental Health.

    A conference report will available in the coming weeks

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    Landline: 01 868 5761
    Mobile: 086 308 1476
    Email: info@travellercounselling.ie

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  • Feedback

    “As manager of the organisation, I have seen the impact since the local counselling service was set up some years now. The taboo that Travellers always had in relation to counselling is no longer there.”

    “Our clients have said that they do feel the benefit of using the service for a number of reasons. Before they did not understand counselling or what it was for, and to be able to talk to someone about their problems and issues, whether it be drug related or not, in a "safe and confidential environment" is key.”

    (Jim O’Brien, Manager, Bray Traveller’s Community Development Group Ltd.)