"I feel better in myself
after talking to the counsellor"

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Traveller Counselling Service  is to :-

Provide a Culturally Inclusive Counselling Service to members of the Traveller community.

Support Mainstream Mental Health Services to provide culturally inclusive services to the Traveller community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to develop a Culturally Inclusive Counselling and Psychotherapy Service specifically for the Traveller community, where Travellers feel their cultural beliefs, values and way of life are respected.

A place where Travellers feel safe to come and talk about emotional difficulties they might be experiencing.

A service that is owned by the community while at the same time acknowledging the diversity within the Traveller community and respecting each individual, their values and their right to privacy.

A service where the community plays a central role both in the management of the service i.e. through the Board of Management and in dialoguing with and feedback from the community with regard to  shaping how the service should be delivered.

A service that acknowledges the racism, exclusion and oppression that Travellers experience due to their cultural identity and the impact of this on Travellers daily lives.

A service that will be based on best practice principles.


Our Principals

The Principles which underpin the Traveller Counselling Service are:-

  • Community Development
  • Equality
  • Social Justice
  • Human rights


Last Updated : AGM, 14th December 2015

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