"I feel better in myself
after talking to the counsellor"

What is Counselling?

In the Traveller Counselling Service, what we mean by counselling is a service provided by a trained counsellor or psychotherapist who offers a professional service as a helper to a person who is experiencing difficulties in their life.

The counsellor offers a safe space where the person can talk about the problems they are experiencing and through this process find more effective ways of dealing with their problems. All that is said during a counseling session remains confidential. The counselor respects the client’s values, culture, personal resources and capacity for self-determination.

To ensure that their practice remains effective and appropriate, counsellors are obliged to meet regularly with a supervisor, who is an experienced colleague with whom they review their work. Information discussed during supervision is confidential.


“I have been seeing the counselor for a good while now and I feel a lot better in myself every time I see her. I’m going to keep at it, my family have noticed I’m better in myself.”

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